customer relation management

The process of CRM, fact gathering process and data integration for efficient operation and purpose of Nhaast. These data about customers, sales, effective marketing, market needs and sensitivities.

Management of customer orders and sales and service

Defining the contract and the company's commitment
awareness of the organization's sales performance
Ability to manage sales processes
ability to check and manage Rivals
Defining the tasks for employees in the catalog or brochure or other prepared as per bid
Defining the mode of transport and shipping terms
Defining involved in the Order
the possibility of making a list of customer requirements in each sales order
There are various reports in this section


Ability to manage customer requests
Establishment of a comprehensive database of natural and legal customers without limitations
dashboard view of activity for the scheduling and customer related activities.
Ability to manage customer contract
Ability to manage documentation associated with the customer
organizational management and internal personnel
To introduce the product, services and products
Persian dashboard implementation of all activities and track tasks, and appointments are determined according to a company the ability to define and view the Iranian and Persian-speaking users Dardtqvym the Persian solar facilities