Get familiar with your brand
Brand is actually a kind of SMS system in the Internet that uses SMS features to introduce your business.
Brand is a small CRM (CRM) type for your ease of use. With this system you can have an effective connection with your client. Have you ever thought that what if your customer always used your services? How many customers did you currently have no access to? What quality customers did you already use? Do your customers know your new services at all? How do you know the news from your work? How can your customer contact you without your business card in their bag?
Just imagine if from the day you started the cartoon to today, every customer who came to you had his mobile phone number and you were in touch with them during this period, congratulations or congratulations on special occasions or dates Congratulations on your birthday, what is your business status now? How many thousands of customer phone numbers could I have if you would have been briefing them if new services were added to your work or changed your address?
If you think well, you would realize that you could have proven to be a complete customer that, without considering such a simple service, you could not have them as a permanent customer, and at the moment you did not have to pay all these heavy advertising costs to have a new customer. ... All reputable and reputable brands in the world, with the same low cost and simplicity, keep their customers happy because they believe finding a new customer is far more costly. If you choose to go shopping at major stores, you'll see that they give you a form that you fill out your personal information, such as your mobile phone number and your permanent birthday. From that day on, all your events will be congratulated and congratulated, especially your birthday.
Perhaps in the year of 10,000, it costs you to pay for these services, but even simple text messages keep your unconscious mind and mind always alive with their name and brand.
You also want to have at your expense for now, so you can save your customers and multiply your income? We have a very smart system that works even with your cellphone. This system connects to the communication servers via an interfaced code and manages your customers using the same interface code.
All you have to do is register your brand name so everyone can see your business card just by using your brand name and call each time with you.
In the meantime, we always try to provide newer services so you feel more comfortable and you can expand your business more.